School Closures/Late Starts

Summit View High School Weather-Related Closure Guide

“Worst-Case Scenario”

  ·       Our school will follow the district’s decision based on the worst-case scenario. As you may know our district is given special consideration from the state and is allowed to partially close the district from north to south. Our students come from all over the district making us unique in our policy. For example, if the north part of the district is closed for snow but the south part of the district is open then Summit View High School is closed.  We will always follow the worst-case scenario for closures and late starts.

SVHS Late Start

 ·       If all schools in the district are open, but some are on late start, then SVHS will be on late start. For late start days, the school is open to students starting at 10:30 AM. 


Staying Informed

 ·       The district will send out an automated phone call and email when closures or late starts are authorized. This information is shared with local news and radio stations. The district website and social media pages will also be updated. We request you refer to these information sources first before calling the school or district office. As always, if you feel the conditions are unsafe for your children, we encourage you to keep your children home. Absences due to inclement weather are excused if they are reported to the school by a parent or guardian.

We ask that your please keep your personal contact information up to date through our Family Access system. This will insure accurate communication on school closures.  Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions or concerns.


Bill Penrose
Principal Summit View High School

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