Washington Service Corps/AmeriCorps Attendance Support position open now

Come be a part of our dedicated and compassionate team while we help 400 amazing students engage with their education at our alternative high school! Summit View High School is an alternative school that provides educational opportunities and supports to a diverse group of students whose needs are not met by the traditional high school program. The school provides an individualized learning environment that encourages academic and personal growth to prepare students for the challenges of the future.

Currently, 411 students attend Summit View High School with many of our students being McKinney-Vento or Unaccompanied Youth. The class of 2017 had a 4-year graduation rate of 29.4% due partly to non-attendance.

If you have a high school diploma or GED and would like to help make a large impact in a student’s life, come and join us. You will be supporting students in determining if there are any barriers that they have and helping with our team to provide resources and support.

The Service Corps member will be utilized to build relationships with our at-risk youth at Summit View High School. Students who are not attending or are not engaged will be contacted by the member to determine the barriers that are keeping them from attending school. The member would then help the student Implement interventions and would direct them to resources at the district level and also in the community.

The member will be partnering with Battle Ground Public Schools’ Family and Community Resource Center to coordinate resources and supports for our most at risk and vulnerable students to increase their attendance, engagement and graduation rates. The member will make connections with students assisting them with organization, self regulation, motivational skills, etc. needed to be academically successful. Since low graduation rates are equated to chronic absenteeism, it is our goal to build relationships with students to encourage them to attend school and graduate.

For more information or to apply for this position, please click here to visit AmeriCorps’ website.


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