What is Summit View High School?

Summit View High School is an alternative accredited high school. The program is designed to provide flexibility to meet the unique needs of our students. As a mastery-based program, students meet one-on-one with teachers in their offices, rather than in a traditional classroom setting. During this time, students will complete labs, take tests, ask questions, review homework and receive new assignments. The majority of the students’ work will be done off campus.

Summit View is an incredible place to be for several reasons. First, as you can see from the statements above, we get to think a little out of the box in how we help students learn. Our curriculum is adapted to each student and the teachers excel in explaining content in 1 on 1 settings. Next, we get to spend our time focusing on the student learning. We don’t offer sports, or assemblies, or even have bussing. We don’t get distracted from the main reason we are here, which is to help prepare kids for what is next in their lives.

At Summit View we are not going to be ‘victims’ and will not focus on things that are out of control. We will be relentless in getting students to progress in their education. Students are taught and encouraged to persevere through challenges. This is seen in our R.I.S.E. acronym, which is shared frequently (Responsibility, Integrity, Success Mindset, Excellence).


Mission Statement

Summit View High School is a safe learning community where all members are valued, respected, and encouraged to reach their maximum potential.

Vision Statement

SVHS is an individualized learning environment that encourages academic and personal growth to prepare students for the challenges of the future.

Contact us

Phone: 360-885-5408
Snow Line 360-885-5343

Kathy Austin, Head Secretary

Kathy Schadewitz, Registrar

Kevin Palena, Principal

SVHS has on-site study spaces available for students.

We also have a tutor who works in our “homework café” to help students
complete their work and succeed.

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Student Expectations

  • Students will be assigned two sessions per week to attend school and meet with teachers.
  • Students are expected to meet with each teacher twice a week to turn in work, get help on assigned work or take assessments.
  • All courses are designed to be completed in 12 weeks as opposed to 18 weeks at a traditional high school. Students will be enrolled in 4 courses at a time, as opposed to 6 at a traditional high school. This allows students to focus more effort on fewer subjects.
  • Our students are held to the same graduation standards as a traditional high school so the diploma they receive is the same as the diploma every other student receives.

Course Offerings

Summit View offers everything you need to earn your diploma.

  • Social Studies
    ➢ US History
    ➢ World History
    ➢ WA State History
    ➢ Psychology
    ➢ World Studies
    ➢ And more
  • Art
    ➢ Digital Photography
    ➢ Crafts
    ➢ Glass and Wood Art
    ➢ Drawing and painting
    ➢ Calligraphy
    ➢ And more
  • Career & Technical Education
    ➢ Business and Marketing
    ➢ International Business
    ➢ Street Law
    ➢ Accounting
  • Language Arts
    ➢ English
    ➢ Career English
    ➢ Reading and Writing Workshop
    ➢ British Literature
  • Science
    ➢ Biology
    ➢ Earth and Space Science
    ➢ Physical Science
  • Math
    ➢ Algebra
    ➢ Geometry
    ➢ Personal Finance
  • Electives ➢ Lots of electives to choose from!
  • Cascadia Tech & Running Start are available to SVHS Students

Registration at Summit View High School

The following items are required prior to student enrollment:

  • Previous school’s transcript
  • Immunizations
  • Boundary release (if required)
  • Completed an Annual Update or Online Application for students new to Battle Ground School District (see office staff for assistance).
  • Reading and math placement tests (must be taken at Summit View High School)
  • Attend an orientation
  • Forecasting of classes with our school counselor


icon 11104 NE 149th Street,
Brush Prairie, WA 98606

icon P.O. Box 200
Battle Ground, WA 98604

icon(360) 885-5331


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